Reputation of Russian women in the world: how to use if rules apply, what to do if you don’t comply

In Russia, I was a “strong 5 from 10” type. Small, curvy, well educated, with many interests in various areas, I was not in the centre of attention.  Surprisingly, this has changed once I moved abroad – but not necessarily for the best. This article will be a summary of stories from some countries, which shows, how men around the world are fixed on the idea of “Russian brides”, and how to deal with that.

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Thought for the day

Just wanted to look how easy it is to find my website and Tweeter online…and I see THIS! Try to type “Danish girl abroad” or “German lady abroad” – you will never get such results!

Now I am also working on the article related to my own experience on discrimination of Russian woman around the world – and how to live with it. Let’s get started!

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