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Reputation of Russian women in the world: how to use if rules apply, what to do if you don’t comply

In Russia, I was a “strong 5 from 10” type. Small, curvy, well educated, with many interests in various areas, I was not in the centre of attention.  Surprisingly, this has changed once I moved abroad – but not necessarily for the best. This article will be a summary of stories from some countries, which shows, how men around the world are fixed on the idea of “Russian brides”, and how to deal with that.

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Bad, bad Russia: why is it difficult for Russians to accept homosexuality?

For my international readers: We usually don’t speak about this topic with foreigners, as we don’t expect people, who don’t know how life in Russia looks like, to understand our point of view. So please be nice in commenting, as this is a very difficult topic to talk about 😉

The reasons, why being gay is not widely accepted in Russia, are very complex.

During my international Master program, I spent the first semester in Barcelona. There I have seen a scene when two guys with long beards were lying on the grass and kissing each other – and I felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless, not because that was a homosexual couple, but because they have been kissing in public. I came from a very conservative country, we do not really appreciate that.

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Thought for the day

I really love the movie „Devil wears Prada“ – but not because it shows what may happen to you if you are too focused on your career. And even not because it is about fashion. It highlights that not everybody will accept changes in you – and not everybody will be glad to see your success. The poor girl gave her best to look better, to have an opportunity to get a better brighter future – and what was the result? “I liked the old one more”.

In JOY and sorrow, they say. Neither is your friend a person who stays with you only when you are happy, nor is the one who is there only when you are crying. A true friend as well as a true partner will be there for you no matter if you are in the hell or on the top. I believe, the ability to accept success of others and to be happy for them is one of the most rare character traits.

Want a promotion? It’s time to get a new hobby!

Have you seen those guys getting a promotion just because they discuss football with your boss? Your blood should be boiling by now – unless you are one of them. How can your boss be so unfair and prioritize his own hobby giving the promotion to your co-worker who can talk about football the whole day long – and not YOU, who worked from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the last 6 months straight?! This is just psychology, my dear – and so far it has been working against you.

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