What do you learn English for? (Зачем учить английский? + бонусное видео)

Lately, Russian Forbes posted an article “You don‘t need English: how Russians trick themselves when they start learning English”. Even though it was a tricky article promoting one of the language schools in Russia, it created a tsunami of questions and debates. From my perspective, the Russian government and the mass media put too much effort in de-advertising languages learning in the country – so it becomes visible and even more attractive.

What do we really learn the English language for?

  • To feel comfortable while traveling?
  • To be able to exchange ideas with other professionals from our field?
  • To learn new skills almost for free?
  • To read the newest business books and scientific articles?
  • To interact with people all around the world and learn new things?
  • To extend the capacity of our brain?

For Russian-speaking auditorium, I prepared this video:

If you are not the native speaker of the Russian language but still want to learn more, feel free to write me in the comments!

Kindly yours,


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