New article series: Unemployed during the coronavirus

No matter if you were working as a waitress supporting a family of four or you were a lazy management-level jobhunter who has just happened to be unemployed during the coronavirus, one thing is clear: it is devastating. Each country has its own specifics but we all have two things in common:

  1. The situation is temporary
  2. Your realistic vision of this situation is absolutely crucial to your survival

If you are unemployed or expect to lose your job in the next days, we are in the same boat. It just happened that my last project ended in February, so, as a highly qualified professional, I started my job search and got the first interviews right away. Guess what! Two days before one of my last interviews, Germany went into a national quarantine. As the potential employers mentioned that they prefer to have personal interviews (=they are waiting for the situation to be clearer so no employees would start from the home office), I am now on a lockdown waiting for my business suit to see the sun again. That’s why in the next days you may expect three articles on how to be unemployed during the coronavirus and make the most of it. This includes:

Subscribe, wait for updates and…right, stay healthy!

Kind regards,

Your Russianladyabroad

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