Professions of the new era: which career to build to survive in the digital jungle

In the previous articles, I already talked about mixed degrees and professions-dinosaurs. Now it is time to write more about professions, which I see in many highly technological companies, and which will become more popular with time.

Knowledge Manager

Ever heart about this profession? This is not a teacher. And not a coach, who makes sure that employees get required knowledge. This is a professional networker, who creates and manages a database with best practices, important experiences and key qualifications of ALL employees and departments within a company. The reason, why this profession has been created, is that some companies, even some departments became so large that they have no idea what the others are doing and if anybody within the same company works on the same issues. The key knowledge you bring to do this job: ability to multitask, excellent networking skills, excellent understanding of the human psychology, ability to structure huge amounts of data.

International Consortium Manager

Many companies work on huge international R&D projects. Whether these projects have an official consortium agreement or not, one should manage the project partners in order to guarantee that all results will be delivered on time. For this role, not only a technical understanding of the project will be required, but also good knowledge of the local business etiquette. The key knowledge you bring to do this job: experience in project management, international experience, technical understanding of the project goals, good negotiation skills.

IoT Technician

The very same moment the IoT will get from huge technology-driven corporations to the mass market, experts with experience in IoT will be even more in demand. This is the kind of job that will bring you bread with butter during the next 15 years, so don’t miss your chance to specialize!


Every single company, which works in the IT field in Germany, is ready to pay whatever for a good Blockchain Developer. As there are other competitors to the Blockchain technology, there will be other job opportunities available in the future. If you are good in programming and design thinking – this is a way to go!

IT Analyst

This is a profession, which became popular after the banking sector became more digital. Many banking employees lost their jobs and changed qualification to the one with more IT background. An Analyst in this case is a person, who translates the needs of a bank to an IT department and helps to manage such transfer projects. This is an interesting, but already well-occupied job between IT and Finance.

Artificial Intelligence Teacher

I really have no idea, how this profession will be called in the future, but it will become very popular within next 3-5 years. Robots as well as complex AI systems should be taught, and one should know exactly, which information should be used for that. I can imagine that this work will required a scientific PhD and a huge amount of creativity.

Innovation Manager

Here we come to the kind of job I am doing. An Innovation Manager is a person, who pushes different stakeholders to do bold and innovative projects. Even though technical knowledge, understanding of the public funding instruments, consortium management experience are important, I have the feeling that the psychological knowledge matter the most. You should know, how to extract information from a shy but talented researcher – and you should understand, which people you should invite to the brainstorming so they would not kill each other while discussing the new sensor type. This is an interesting opportunity for anyone with experience from different sides of innovative projects (finance, management, technology etc.)

I hope that the topic I picked was interesting to you. PM me if you want more information on this issue 😉

Sincerely yours,


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