Sorry, your profession is no longer needed: lessons learnt from industry 4.0 innovations at the Hannover Messe 2018


Any idea about the future, which new technologies will bring? Innovations bring the fastest changes at the labour market we have ever seen. There are hundreds professions, which did not exist 5 years ago, such as Innovation Manager, Knowledge Manager, Digitalisation Executive, Blockchain Consultant etc. They all are the products of the new digital era. However, the most progressive industry digitalisation fair Hannover Messe showed last month, that there are many usual professions, which soon will not be needed anymore. Prepare yourself: the mid 21th century will force you to do more intellectual work and spend more time by the computer. Here are some professions, for which technologies have already found proper substitutes:

  1. Lawyers

In the 20th century, being a lawyer gave unlimited career perspectives. With time, the quantity of lawyers required for every single company has been reduced – many processes were automized, therefore lawyers required for the information search were substituted by the data banks and search engines. This tendency will continue with the development of technologies related to deep information analysis and artificial intelligence.

  1. Serving personnel

Did you have the opportunity to pay using the “quick line” by checking out and paying with your credit card by your own? This is the future of retail: less service costs, less service personnel, more self-service.

  1. Sorting personnel

People required at the sorting stations of innovative production and recycling plants received new functions within their companies, when new sensors were introduced to the market. With the development of the robotics solutions, you will soon see no sorting personnel in supermarkets either.

  1. Banking personnel

Have a look at the DKB Bank in Germany – they have 0 offices in the country. Everything is done online. The troubleshooting online hotline works fast and perfectly. The future of the banking is digital.

  1. Personnel in logistics

With the introduction of the blockchain technology, it became a matter of time, when logistics workers will be substituted with automatized self-regulated networks, which will improve their own productivity through machine learning.

  1. Linguistic jobs

Personally, I use a pen for reading books, which scans Chinese sentences and translate them into English. I bought it for less than USD 100 and expect, that the new generation of the voice recognition systems will do a great job in translating languages person-to-person. DO learn languages though – it develops your brain 😉

  1. Personnel in statistics

With the introduction of the smart learning systems, statistics experts with long paychecks from the 20th century will need new jobs. Diverse automated analysis solutions can perfectly collect and analyse information, and the conclusions produced by such analysis become better with time.

One of the next articles will be related to the new generation of jobs. Which kind of qualification do they require? How do you get one?

See you soon,

Your Russianladyabroad

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