Sneaky photographer – Grand Kremlin Palace

The topic “Sneaky photographer” will give some ideas on travels to places, which will not be on the first page of every travel guide. As long as possible, I will also add pictures from sights, where no pictures are usually allowed (but I am a SNEAKY photographer, you know, and I always switch off the lighting when making pictures of wood, gold and paintings!).

No worries, I am not going to turn my career blog into another travel blog – but I love to share what I see from time to time 😉

Many people don’t know that one can actually visit the Grand Kremlin Palace, situated in Kremlin itself, both the new part (where our emperors were sitting – now those rooms are used by our President for all official occasions) and the old part (where our Tsars lived and ruled).

You MUST book a tour in advance and send your passport information for a security check. The tour is expensive, available only on specific dates, and you should be very punctual, otherwise you will not pass the security control. Please use only official websites of touristic companies, but be prepared that they will ask you to transfer the payment in advance to a personal credit card – this is the usual practice in Russia, as companies are trying to save on taxes..

By the way, did you know that foreigners get priority access to all crowded museums inside the Kremlin? Become a VIP for a day – check this info before going to Moscow!

I did not picture any interiors of the old palace, as it is strictly forbidden (and just because I really got no chance to do so ;-)). Please note that you may not use the lighting of your camera in any historical buildings containing gold or painted walls, as it will damage them!



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You may also have a look at professional photographs of the Grand Palace Halls:

Вам может быть интересно посмотреть профессиональные фотографии залов Большого Кремлёвского дворца:

As well as at the Terem Palace from the 17th century:

А также Теремного дворца 17го века:

Короткий текст

Тур в Большой Кремлёвский дворец обязательно бронировать заранее, отправив паспортные данные для проверки безопасности. Сам тур стоит недёшево, проводится нечасто, и придётся прийти заблаговременно – иначе не сможете пройти контроль безопасности. Пожалуйста, бронируйте тур только на официальных сайтах туристических компаний, чтобы избежать мошенничества!

Не забывайте, что вспышка повреждает объекты культурного наследия – пожалуйста, всегда отключайте её, фотографируя золото, дерево и роспись на стенах!

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