Thought for the day

If I could change one paragraph in the legislation, I would force every smoker to spend one week with a lung cancer patient. Just because people don’t associate those horrible pictures on the cigarette packs with their future. Just because they think that their dangerous passion, which one day will lead to a number of months, which they still have to live, affects only them. Like it will have no impact on their families, who will need to accompany them through the months of fight, chemical therapies, loss of hair and appetite and loss of interest in life. One will never write on a cigarette pack that smokers will see their own lungs on their handkerchiefs and will not be able to sleep because of the cough.

Smoking is egoistic. The tobacco companies, catching your attention with pictures of luxury life and cars, forget to tell that the warranty is limited. The warranty for your own life..

Think twice. Quit smoking at once.

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