One secret for your success everybody forgets to tell you

Try to look for “how to become successful” in Google. You will find a plenty of DO, DON’T, NEVER, ALWAYS… but you will not find what you really need.

I spent about 2 years attending 3 universities one after another: Economics was my breakfast, PR was my dinner and Languages became my supper. Somewhere in between I managed to take some short jobs to get my pocket money. Did it teach me a lot? Oh, yeah! Most importantly, it showcased all kinds of emotional, physical and intellectual burnouts one can imagine.

Do you know those unforgettable successful ladies, who come home and drink 8 different pills to “keep up the good work”? I was never one of them. When it was enough – it was enough. I escaped from a lecture earlier, went down the street…and signed up for a tango course. Now I had 3 more hours a week TO GET THROUGH. More busy for WHOLE 3 hours..But something happened. I got calmer. More satisfied. Was able to enjoy my life again.

Nowadays I combine my job, dancing classes, workouts with a trainer and sailing (not in winter, of course 😉 ) from Monday to Friday and still find time for friends, family and my BF whenever they call. There is no rocket science in it, it’s only a BALANCE. A good balance of career and private life, job and hobbies, active life and sleep (yes, you need your damn 7h-sleep, you are not a Napoleon in a dress!).

When you try to be successful, you may get recommendations on how can you improve your productivity. Honestly saying, there is no better way to stay productive than to find your own balance between different parts of your life as well as various kinds of activities.

Therefore, I am glad to offer you my unusual “busy success model”: whenever you add 1h to your career activities, add at least 1/2h to your OBLIGATORY physical activity and/or OBLIGATORY time preserved for your hobby. If you find no capacity to do so – you may find yourself too close to a burn out. We all have “moments of hell” at work or at the university, and it’s OK to invest more time to solve them, but you can do it for a LIMITED period of time ONLY.

Do not overestimate yourself – you or at least your health will not last long under the pressure of stress, absence of joy and lack of time for the personal life.

However, for those poor souls working on their limits for the longer time with no options to change (like I did while preparing for my language exams, which took about 4 months of a really hard work in a row), I have one more advice – don’t sit at night. You need some sleep, and this need is underestimated in the modern society. Who came to an idea that you are great at your job when you are working 18h a day with no sleep anyway?!! You will do tomorrow in 20 minutes what you have been trying to do today from 1.15 till 2.47 a.m. So please sleep and meditate for at least 10 minutes a day with our eyes closed and no noice around.

A woman was granted a gift to manage many things simultaneously. If yo can do it at work to make your boss happy, why don’t do it for yourself to be more satisfied with your life? Just try it out…today maybe.

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