Be my guest

Dear reader,

As the time offers new opportunities and brings in new ideas, I got something new for you, too. I have seen a lot, and I have much to tell – so, be my guest in this blog where I will share my vision of life and career of a modern international woman as well as my opinion regarding the cultural differences and integration problems in different countries.

This blog is dedicated to each and every one who decided to build his or her life from scratch and is aiming for an international career, especially if you are from a CIS-country. I have no Instagram and I will not put myself onto a throne, but will show you how to get up when you fail and where to look for the stars you can reach.

I strongly believe that we have enough “perfect life cases” on Instagram. This is a blog about a career and life, which are so interesting precisely by being imperfect and nonlinear. Enjoy it!

Kindly yours,


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